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Every Update is an Opportunity to Connect

Top Of Mind is a Chrome extension that skims your LinkedIn feed and identifies posts for you to comment on.

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What's Great About Top Of Mind?

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No More Clutter

Is your LinkedIn feed cluttered with updates from people who are 2nd-order connections and beyond? Top of Mind filters out these randos and keeps you focused on the people you actually know.

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Read Less Text

The average LinkedIn update is now several paragraphs. Sit back and let Top of Mind's AI analyze posts from your network so you can spend less time reading lengthy text and rambling updates.

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Write the Right Comment

Is your LinkedIn feed filled with funding announcements, thought leadership pieces, and founders looking to hire? Let our ML algorithms identify whether to congratulate, acknowledge, or share each post.

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“Fantastic Chrome extension to engage with potential candidates for my company. A vital part of our workflow!”

Alyvia Cope, Founder at Paper Inc.

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“I used to spend hours browsing LinkedIn every day. With the time I've saved, I've actually started exercising and have managed to lose 10 pounds.”

Travis Guidelines, Blogger at Self-Employed

Stop missing out on opportunities to be top of mind.

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